Hi! I am Kris Pierson, and first of all, thanks for taking time to visit my website.

I am the author of Pilots In Command: Your Best Trip, Every Tripone of the leading books on airline pilot leadership and professionalism. As a pilot for a major airline in the United States, I fly mainly international and transcontinental routes. I am also the founder of ProPilotWeb, an exclusive online community for pilots advancing their skills as transformational leaders, professionals, mentors, and in superb airmanship.

This Website

My mission is to help you become a better professional pilot by sharing resources and providing tools that enhance your passion for flying, and help you develop leadership, professionalism, and superb airmanship. You will find content here that focuses on life management, career development, and flight deck leadership, all tailored to the needs of the current and future generations of pilots.

I maintained a personal blog for many years. Once I started writing professionally, my personal blog got back-burnered. Instead of keeping the blog in the background, I have brought it together with some of my professional writing. This is simply because my personal life and my professional life go hand. From time to time, you will read my personal observations, life experiences, and more. The range of topics in my posts is wide – religion, politics, food, family, flying, literature, music, and current events all cross paths and end up here.

More About Me

I started my flying career, really, back in high school. Not only was I in love with the idea of becoming an airline pilot, I was lucky enough that one of the industrial tech elective courses available to me would get me into my first flying lessons, and help me complete my Private Pilot written exam. I attended Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana and attained all my flying certificates and ratings needed to become a professional pilot, along with a solid liberal arts education. I earned my BS degree in Airway Science, Aircraft Systems Management with a minor in Music Performance. I began flight instructing right out of college and before getting hired by the airlines, I was a faculty member for a college in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, and managed a local FBO.

My airline career spans two decades. I flew for a regional carrier mainly serving the upper midwest for thirteen years. During that time, not only did I fly, but I served in several positions for my pilots union. I also became an instructor in the carrier’s flight training department. The balance of my time flying has been for a major airline, and has been the pinnacle of my career…so far!

I live in Lakeville, Minnesota, with my wife, two kids, and a cute bernedoodle. In my free time, I enjoy family time, fishing, camping, cooking, tinkering with amateur radio, reading, and serving others at my church, where I am an Elder and study leader.

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